Locking NFTs in newly crafted NFTs

Hive Digital
2 min readFeb 10, 2023

The next update of our Crafting Tool is here! You can now lock NFTs into newly crafted NFTs. To do that, creators will simply have to choose the crafting type for a specific ingredient:

The outcome must be one template of a schema that supports the attributes “locked_assets” and “craft_id”. These are keys that are required to later unlock the NFTs again. They contain the asset IDs as well as the crafting ID of the specific recipe:

For further instructions on how to create a crafting recipe, kindly refer to our previous article: https://hivebp.medium.com/blend-wax-nfts-on-nfthive-io-57c5b023d30c

Once a NFT is crafted with locked assets, it can be broken apart again. For that go to your inventory and open the Asset Submenu:

This will open a confirmation dialog that allows you to inspect the locked NFTs and confirm that you want to break the NFT to unlock them.

Find crafting recipes here:

Create your own Recipes with our NFT Creator Tools: