Crafting WAX NFTs on!

Hive Digital
3 min readFeb 7, 2023

We’ve promised it for a while, and after working tirelessly behind the curtains, we’re proud to release our newest “big feature” — Crafting!

Starting today, creators from our awesome community will be able to set up and publish their own crafts. They will find the option to do so in the usual place at under the “Manage Crafts” option.

In this first version, crafting recipes are made up of NFTs and/or tokens, and we will mint the outcomes on demand. Crafting ingredients can come from any collection, and we support any token that’s already supported in drops or packs.

We talked to the community and wanted to make the crafting recipes as flexible as possible. An ingredient can be any asset from any collection, from any schema, or it can also be a specific template or even just an NFT from a schema with a specific attribute like “rarity: epic”.

The ingredient selection is designed to fit all your needs!

Outcomes are just as flexible. While they have to be from your collection, you can make crafting exciting by setting up odds and chances that determine the outcomes. Every crafting result can be different! (if you want it that way)

Define the odds of your outcomes!

Feel free to throw in some tokens as well. Maybe your craft also comes with a random outcome between 0 and 100 WAX? Or the user will have to throw in your tokens along with some NFTs? It’s up to you!

We are already working on the next crafting features, like giving out pre-minted assets or custom on-craft actions for ingredients (return to sender, reversible asset locking…)

And as always, we can’t wait to see what You will build with this. Happy Crafting!

The first crafts will appear at!