New PFP Features for Creators!

Hive Digital
3 min readOct 27, 2023


Today we have a brief update about newly released Features that have been developed in the past few weeks!

After creating a PFP drop (see our PFP Drops Story), creators now have the option to order a certain number of NFTs from the drop for pack creation or directly to a promo account for giveaways or other purposes.

For this feature, go to and click on “Manage Drops and PFPs”. Here you’ll find the new Options “Instant Mint and Send” and “Premint to nfthivepacks” on your PFP drops:

“Instant Mint and Send” lets you choose the wallet you want to mint the NFTs to:

“Premint to nfthivepacks” lets you mint directly into the nfthivepacks contract. The NFTs will then become available to move them into pools and create preminted packs (see our tutorial on how to create packs for more info) with them. :

After choosing any of these options, you can click on “View on Site” to visit your drop page. There you can track the render and minting status:

The PFP renderer has been improved and does not only render in higher quality, but is also able to render animated layers of on of static layers and vice versa. This has been difficult in the past, but can now be done. Creators should still pay attention that animated layers have the same number of frames, or can loop within the amount of frame of the larger layer, eg 5 frames vs 10 frames, otherwise unexpected results may occur. You must also pay attention that all frames have the same duration. Different durations can’t be accounted for. So if one frame is supposed to show longer than other frames, duplicate the frame accordingly for best results. Always check the results first on Testnet:

Lastly we want to share the first version of our PFP API, that provides information about PFP Collections on WAX. This includes all collections we are providing trait analytics for.

The API includes endpoints for:

  • List of PFP collections and schemas
  • List of Traits per collection and schema
  • Details about PFP Assets
  • Ranking for a collection and schema
  • Top Holders for a collection and schema

The Documentation for the API can be found here:

Contact us if you have suggestions for further data points