Introducing Token-Infused Packs on NFTHive: A New Way to Boost Your NFT Collections

Hive Digital
5 min readJun 3, 2024


We are thrilled to announce a simple, but powerful new feature on NFTHive: Token-Infused Packs. This allows creators to add tokens to their NFT pack releases. It can bring a new level of excitement and utility to your NFT collections:

  • Help your community get started on your new game by providing in-game tokens alongside NFTs!
  • Use pack sales as a way to lauch your meme-coin side-by-side with memorable NFTs!
  • Additional Value: Adding tokens to your packs increases their value, making them more attractive to collectors.
  • Increased Engagement: The randomness of token tiers adds an element of surprise, keeping users engaged and excited about opening packs.
  • Customization: The ability to choose multiple tokens and create various tiers allows for a high degree of customization, enabling you to tailor the pack contents to your preferences.

Follow step-by-step guide on how you can create these token-infused packs using our creator tools.

Getting Started with Token-Infused Packs

Token-Infused Packs are an upgrade of our existing Pack Creator. If you haven’t tried that out before, we highly recommend checking out our previous article:

It’s a one-of-a-kind pack solution on WAX (and the NFT space in general), which lets you create multi pack releases, which enable you to create packs of different sizes fetching from joined pools of NFTs, creating a very unpredictable outcomes.

But let’s now get into adding tokens to your packs! You will have to follow the steps to create NFT packs like mentioned in the article above, but in short:

  • Create a new Release:
  • Under Packs, click “Add”

You’re being taken to the Pack Creator page. Here you have to choose the Template that represents your pack. If you have not created any NFTs yet, we highly recommend to go to the previous article linked above and read up on how to create NFTs that will represent your packs.

Follow the usual instructions of how to set up a pack, like choosing the template, giving the pack a name, adding a description, an unpack animation, determine the total amount of your packs and the number of slots (for NFTs).

Then you arrive at the option to add tokens:

Click the button and a modal view opens that lets you setup the tokens that you want to include in your pack:

Once you have selected a token, you will have to set up tiers. You have to add at least add one tier, in which case all your packs will release the same amount of tokens. If you add more than one tier, the pack smart contract will choose randomly which tier is picked upon unpacking. You will have to specify the total packs with each tier and the sum of all tiers will have to match the total amount of your packs. So when you create 100 packs, you either create 90 of tier 1 and 10 of tier 2, or 50 / 50 etc. The amount of the selected token in each tier also has to match the amount of the token you want to add in total:

In this example, we want to create 100 packs and add 1000 HONEY to them. We created 2 tiers, 90 packs will be tier 1 and contain 9 HONEY each, 10 packs will be tier 2 and contain 19 HONEY. There’s an endless amount of possibilities here. You could for instance add a token as a main price that’s only available in one of the 100 packs. To illustrate this, we’re going to add another token:

This time, we’re going to add 1 Million WUF as a special surprise for only one of the packs. To make this happen, we’re creating two tiers, one with a total of 99 and amount of 0 WUF per pack and one being in a total of 1 pack that contains all the Wuffi tokens we’re adding.

In the end, we’ve added two tokens to the 100 packs we’re creating, 1000 HONEY and 1 Million WUF:

Finally you can create the pack. Hit the “Create Pack” button and review the summary:

When you confirm by clicking “Create Pack” again, you will transfer the tokens you’ve chosen to the pack contract, so make sure you have the given amount in your wallet. You can also only get these tokens back when you delete the pack. After creating the pack, you can go back to the overview.

Here you have to create pools for your NFTs that you want to release alongside your tokens. Follow the instructions of the pack creator tutorial to do so and complete your release in the end.

Optionally you can also add another pack of a different size and quantity to this release and add a different amount of tokens to these as well. Unlike NFTs pools, two or more packs in the same release do not share the pool of tokens. Rather, each pack will have its own number of tokens.


We believe that this new feature will revolutionize the way you create and distribute NFTs on WAX. By infusing your packs with tokens, you not only enhance their intrinsic value but also create a more engaging and dynamic experience for your audience. It also creates a new bridge between NFTs and tokens. We can’t wait to see how you use this feature to bring your NFT collections to new heights!

Start today on

PS.: If your token is currently not listed, please reach out on Discord and open a ticket. We’re happy to add any verified and publicly traded token when requested: