Introducing: Airdrops for $WUF Holders!

Hive Digital
2 min readJun 10, 2024


Gm Wuffi Holders and Meme Coin creators! We have an exciting new tool for you. We have created an airdrop tool tailored (but not limited) to $WUF holders on the WAX Blockchain.

When you create a new Airdrop, the tool by default choses the wuffi contract to create the snapshot, but token creators can choose from over 100 supported token contracts. They can then define the minimum balance to hold and a cap for the maximum tokens to hold. Everything about above that token limit simply counts as the capped amount.

Decide how many tokens you wish to distribute

You create your airdrop by transfering your token to the token contract. It can be any amount, but in order to make this serious and avoid spam, an airdrop requires a fee of 50M $WUF ($60). We might adjust this fees as we go along, but this also covers the RAM for potentially over 10000 entries in the airdrop table.

This snapshot is taken at a time you can specify, which gives you time to announce your airdrop.

Keep your eyes open for new airdrops!

Airdrops need to be claimed, so check back if there are new airdrops and you’re eligible at

For starters, we have created an airdrop of 50000 $HONEY (~$5000)! Anyone holding at least 1M $WUF later this day will be eligible.

You can head over to to stake your $HONEY and earn passive income from the renevue NFTHive generates. $HONEY stakers receive 33% of the total revenue of the secondary market fees generated on our WAX NFT marketplace.

There’s also only a total 10M $HONEY and market rewards decline over time. So far, still under 1M $HONEY have been distributed.

If you trade NFTs on NFTHive, you also earn $HONEY for the fees you generate! And today we welcome the WUFFI community!

Create your airdrops now at