Development Update — WAX Hive Guild

Hive Digital
4 min readJan 15, 2023

It’s that time again, we’re up for a new evaluation by the WAX Office of inspector generals. The perfect opportunity to go into our developments in the last couple of weeks:

Updates on NFTHive

PFP Creator and Drops

We mainly finished up our PFP creator! The PFP creator is unique on WAX in that it creates traits based on odds randomly when minting the NFTs. It works like a drop. Users purchase a number of NFTs from a PFP drop and the results are being randomized on chain and stored as unique results. Afterwards the minter picks up the result, generates the image and mints the actual NFT to the buyer’s wallet.
The Creator itself allows collection owners to add as many attributes as they desire and add no, one or mulitple image layers to them. No image means it’s an empty trait, one image will exist on exactly one layer and multiple images can be defined to split one trait into foreground and background images. For instance, a cape might cover some parts of the body and also fly in the back of the character.
Additionally creators may add rules for attributes to prohibit other attributes from being drawn at the same time. This way sunglasses may be prevented from clashing with Laser Eyes for example.

NFTHive Blends

Blends just went live on Testnet:

This is a new era for blending as well. With this free and open contract, collections have the ability to create blends with multiple ingredients, including tokens with multiple outcomes, includling tokens. Creators can also chose what happens to ingredients: Return to blender, return to specified account, eg the collection creator, burn or lock up in the newly created asset. NFTs with locked assets from blends can be broken apart again. Creators can mint NFTs on demand from blends or create preminted pools.

We’re currently working on the frontend editor to create those blends.

NFTHive Packs with multiple collections

We changed the Packs contract to support multiple collections. Creators can now send NFTs of other collection to the smart contract and move them into their pools. This way users can unpack NFTs from multiple collections. Another innovation on WAX.

Trait Analytics and Rankings

Trait Analytics became more broadly available on NFTHive in the last period. We are now supporting the following collections with PFP Analytics: theduckbutts, chainchampss, worldsofsmil, mindmastrart, bcbrawlers, gpknk.topps, lewdmomoko22, shiftybearsx,
mnstr.droppp, vbots, morbsniftybc, dabitcoinkid, dropbearsnft, shnazzegirls, jrgtradecard, blackbergcmx
Traits are being analyzed for rarity and ranked accordingly. Here’s an example for Shnazze’s E-Girls:

New Notification System

We synchronized notifications on NFTHive with our telegram bot:
Users now get notifications about sold items, received auction bids, received trade offers, floor listings of favorited assets and new drops of favorited collections.

Decentralized Verification Tool

An overview of the decentralized verification tool can be found here:

The tool aggregates verification statuses of different markets and adds a user voting to it. We call that the community score. We provide an API through which the status of a collection can be loaded on any website. We have added the tool to NFTHive, eg: and WaxMarketCap, eg:
Any other site can integrate the tool. We also published the smart contract:
User votes, market statuses and collection scores can be read from the contract tables as well.

Twitch NFT Rewards

We have released a tool to link Twitch Game Rewards for watching Game content on Twitch to User Wallets on WAX and allow dropping of NFTs as rewards.
For the tool to work creators have to register their games with Twitch. They have to create a campaign to reward viewers and set up a drop with our tool. After that any streamer showcasing their games can participate in the reward program and viewers get rewarded after watching a certain amount of game content. After they receive a reward, they can follow a link to our website and have to link their WAX wallet and Twitch Account. Our tool then checks for rewards and mints NFTs from the drop that was created for the game. We have published a tutorial on how to set up a campaign with Twitch and a Drop with us: