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8 min readMay 19, 2023


If you’re on WAX, you know WAX is THE blockchain to take blockchain gaming to the next level! With its free transactions and resource staking model, it allows games to delegate resources to their players who can then interact with the blockchain for free. The WAX Cloud Wallet with its social logins is making onboarding easier and easier with each update.

But where do you start building your games on the WAX Blockchain? We at NFTHive have a set of tools that can help you get started and boost your gaming experience!

Create your collection, your templates, your NFTs

NFTHive comes with a creator suite that allows you to create a collection, create a schema for your NFTs, create templates (which are basically blueprints for NFTs), and finally mint the NFTs. This is freely available to any user on the WAX Blockchain. We also have a special tool that allows you to create assets in bulk if you want to pre-design your collection in an Excel Sheet first. To use the Creator Tools, simply navigate to:

A tutorial on how to use the NFT Creator can be found here:

Create Packs for your Gaming Assets

NFTHive allows anyone to create preminted Packs with unpack animations and automatic pool distribution. In order to do so, creators simply have to create Pack Templates and navigate to, and chose “Manage Packs” under the desired collection. A full tutorial on how to create Packs can be found here:

How can Packs boost your Game? Packs are an exciting mechanism on WAX to distribute pre-minted NFTs of different rarities and types to users. Unlike NFT Drops, where users buy specific assets, the content of packs is random, and pulling that extra juicy ultra-rare item can be something players want to hunt for by ripping packs.
On NFTHive packs can be bundled in releases. A release consists of a number of pools of pre-minted assets that you can determine yourself. Create pools for common, rare, epic, and legendary NFTs. When users rip packs, the content will appear in the order of the pools that were created, in this example, commons first, rares next, then epics, and lastly legendaries. This way users are made to wait patiently for the unpack animation to finish to see if they got a legendary card.

Example of an NFTHive Pack Rip, the Hologram Card being the jackpot and showing up last on the pile

The distribution of the rarities depends on the size of the pools and the slots of the pack. If you have a 10 slot pack and 50 cards in the common pool, 30 in the rare pool, 15 in the epic pool, and 5 in the legendary pool, you might get 5 commons, 3 rare, 1–2 epics, and 0–1 legendaries, where the last slot has a 50/50 chance of either getting an epic or a legendary card.
This process is randomized on the blockchain through the WAX RNG (Random Number Generator) and guarantees some unpredictable outcomes.
The thing that makes NFTHive packs special is that they’re bundled in releases. Not only do the releases share the same pools, but they also allow for the creation of packs of different sizes to be included in a single release. If you have a legendary item that’s supposed to come out of any of the packs, simply include it in the pool and it can exist in the small, medium or large-sized packs. People will have no way of knowing!

Drop Packs and Items for WAX or your game currency — Receive HONEY Rewards

If you want to sell your packs or your other NFTs directly to the community, you can use NFTHive’s drop tool. On NFTHive we can even support your in-game currency as a payment option. Not only that, you can add multiple currencies and let the users decide which one to pay with.
Drops are usually for single items such as packs or passes, but on NFTHive you can also sell multiple NFTs at once. They can either be mint-on-demand, which requires the drop contract to get permissions from your collection to mint NFTs, or pools for pre-minted NFTs of the selected Template.
Drops will show up as direct sales on the front page of NFTHive and will be available to users to buy with supported tokens on the WAX Blockchain.
We’re also working on Fiat Support using Banxa (Coming soon).
Here’s a full tutorial on how to set up Drops for your NFTs on NFTHive:

Use free Crafting Tools to create complex NFT recipes

Crafting was the latest feature we’ve added to our creator tools and it allows you to combine NFTs and Tokens into different outcomes. The possibilities of these recipes are unmatched in the WAX ecosystem.

Here are some features we allow for the ingredients of our recipes:
- Ingredient NFT will be burned
- Ingredients will be sent to a certain recipient, e.g. the collection owner or a contract, or any other defined wallet
- Ingredients will be sent back to the crafter
- Ingredients will be locked up in a single NFT outcome, which can be broken apart to unlock the ingredients again
- You can have multiple Ingredients of all the different aforementioned types in one recipe
- You can have one or many different Token ingredients, including your custom tokens
- NFT Ingredients can be determined by the collection, schema, or the template
- You can use ingredients from different collections

Here are some features for the outcomes of the recipes:
- You can have one or multiple NFT and Token outcomes
- Outcomes can be guaranteed or have odds
- NFT outcomes can be minted on demand or be pre-minted
- Outcome pools can contain NFTs of different collections

There are also special recipes in which NFTs can be used with image layers that will be rendered on top of each other in a combined outcome. It’s therefore possible to create recipes to craft characters with different features, adding accessories on top of each other, etc. Crafting recipes can be found at, but you can also integrate them into your games. Just set up the recipes and let players directly interact with them on the blockchain!

Articles on crafting can be found here:

Drop NFTs to Twitch viewers watching your Game

Another feature we developed are Twitch Drops. These are intended to reward viewers of your game’s content on Twitch. Having a game is required in this scenario, as Twitch links the content of any streamer on their platform to the games they’re playing. Any stream of that game qualifies to give rewards to viewers. The rewards are usually provided by the game studios.
We have developed a website that allows WAX games to create NFT drops as rewards:
Users will have to link their wallet and their Twitch account and it will then be determined if they are eligible to claim NFTs.
You will also have to link your Twitch account and an authorized wallet of your collection to create drops. The biggest challenge here is to register and claim your game on Twitch, which can take a few weeks. If you have already done so, you are good to go!
An article on how to create Twitch Drops can be found on site:

PFP Drops for your Game Characters

Another exclusive NFTHive feature are PFP drops. These special drops mint NFTs on demand and work by creators setting up the image layers and odds for specific trait outcomes. They work like regular drops with the difference that when users purchase these, the trait outcomes get randomized, written on-chain, and will then be minted with a newly rendered PFP. The outcomes are guaranteed to be unique and they’re coming with integrated ranking, floor, and trait analytics on NFTHive:

Trait analytics look for the floor prices of every trait and determine their rarity. This is updated periodically:

A full article on PFP drops can be found here:

Redeem physical NFTs? We work with RE:DREAMER to bring a vIRL NFT protocol to WAX

Another feature Artists, Creators, and Game Studios alike can look forward to are physical redeemable NFTs, fully supported by an on-chain protocol on WAX. We have enabled creating schemas for vIRL NFTs already:

Any template that will be minted under schemas with the immutable attribute “redemption_type” will be redeemable through the redemption protocol in the redemption center developed by RE:DREAMER.
On this platform, users will be able to connect to creators to redeem these NFTs. They can then share shipping information in private.
The protocol supports three types of redeemables:
- NFTs that are burned upon redemption
- NFTs that are swapped with an NFT of a redemption template
- NFTs that are updated, setting a flag from redeemable to redeemed

CPU Renting is cheaper than most transaction fees!

Transactions on WAX are free, but you have a daily limit that’s based on your stake. If your players need to do a lot of operations on chain, you can oost their transactions, but after a certain point they will have to either stake their own resources or rent CPU if they want to perform a lot of daily transactions. NFTHive has a solution for this as well. We have over 2 million WAX available for renting. Users can pay a small fee and get up to 300x the WAX staked for 1 to 10 days.

Direct users to for this feature

Need a smart contract? Reach out to us!

We’ve developed plenty of smart contracts on the WAX chain, whether it’s our HONEY staking contract, CPU renting, Drops, Crafting, Collection Voting, NFT Redemptions and more. If you need help with a game contract, or have any other question about our tools, reach out on Telegram or Discord: